jeudi 11 août 2016


Minecraft: Wii U Edition has been available for some time, but it has always lacked something the XBOX version in particular already has: feeling like the console it is played on. XBOX Edition has a number of packs themed around popular titles on the console, but why not the Wii U version? Why not, indeed!

As the trailer gave away (especially if you watched it before reading this), a free Mario Mash Up pack is on its way to Minecraft: Wii U Edition. It has a Mario-themed world, 16 original songs from the insanely popular Mario 64, a specific Mario-themed texture pack, and a ton of skins featuring your favorite Mario characters. In total, there are over 40 characters to play as. As one might expect, the two titular plumbers and the princesses are included, but Mojang even packed in some of the more folk like Kamek (the named magical Koopa Troopa wizard), one of the Hammer Bros, and that pernicious plant, Petey Pirahna. It’s a delightful mix, all in all.

So, what will this pack cost? Nothing. Zero dollars. Zero euros. Zero pounds, rubles, anything. Free!

All existing owners of Minecraft: Wii U Edition will get the pack on May 17th as a free update, but it will also come with the retail version of Minecraft: Wii U Edition, which is due to appear in-stores from June 17th. The disc comes in a box, which are notoriously easy to gift-wrap (wink wink).

Both the digital and the retail version of Minecraft: Wii U Edition costs $29.99, 30 golden coins, or the equivalent in your region.

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