jeudi 11 août 2016


ZeGame is a beautiful puzzle game with complex but rewarding puzzles in three dimensions. Move blocks, solve puzzles. However, this game - visually, at least - has no bearing whatsoever on traditional Minecraft. In all honesty, until I saw the command blocks explained, I wasn't entirely convinced this was an entirely different game, and this was a big prank! It is quite real, and you can play it inside Minecraft. Crazy!

Made for 1.9.4, ZeGame is a mind-bending puzzler where you try to find solutions using the differently-colored blocks in playing field. Grey blocks restrict movement, and the camera can be rotated to change how and where your block moves. It looks simple (and starts simply enough), but gets progressively more challenging with each advancement. Mind-bending!

You can play ZeGame on Realms right now with no downloads, or grab the map for 1.9.4 Enjoy!

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