jeudi 11 août 2016


1.9.3 is ready to play, and it's so fresh and new, it's now 1.9.4! 1.9.3 had a minor bug that gave an erroneous snapshot warning, which was fixed in 1.9.4.

So, what came with 1.9.3/4?


  • Added & changed some minor things
    • Improved chunk cache performance
    • Decreased memory usage for biome caching
    • Re-added, then removed Herobrine


  • Fixed a memory leak in pathfinding
  • Fixed pathfinding performance issues introduced in 15w49a
  • Fixed entity collision causing excessive lag
  • Fixed a performance issue in chunk generation
  • Fixed some wasteful code for navigation listeners
  • Fixed ArmorStand collision code being wasteful
  • Fixed Zombie pathfinding to unreachable targets causing server lag
  • Fixed some erroneous skin part display logic
  • Fixed a crash when trading too many items at once
  • Fixed the sound engine pitch algorithm not working properly

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, you might get version 1.9.5 with Herobrine added!

As with prior major version releases, you can update in the client without any special settings. If your profile is set to use the latest version, this will happen automatically. Enjoy!

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